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Multiple incrementals to one tape in BackupExec 10d

By Bormes ·
Greetings all!

I am running BackupExec 10d on a Dell PV-122T LTO-2 autoloader set (at the device level) for Sequential loading of media.

I have set up an incremental backup job to go onto any of seven 200Gb scratch media tapes. my job is set up with the following settings:

For "When this job begins," I've selected "Overwrite Media."

For the Media Set:

I've got "Overwrite" set to "Infinite - Don't allow overwrite."

And for "Append Period," I've got "Infinite - Allow Append."

Now, when I run this job, instead of appending all of the week's daily incrementals onto one tape (each incremental rarely gets above 20 or 30Gb and each tape holds 200Gb), it wants to put them on SEPARATE tapes. I would expect that with my media set allowing an infinite append period, it would just keep appending subsequent incrementals to the same tape, as long as room remained on that tape.

Anyone of you good techies have any suggestions as to how to get BackupExec to dump all incrementals onto ONE tape (assuming, of course, that there's room)?

BTW, I know this is possible, because my predecessor (who has since become incommunicado) had it working.

Thanks a million in advance. :-)


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