Multiple ip address management on a single network card

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Hi all, I have one network card and an ip address of on my XP machine with subnet as and gateway being I recently added an another ip address of to the same network card (same subnet and gateway). Now i can ping my system from other machines on both the ip addresses and i get a reply back, also in the settings i see both the ip addresses listed there, therefore being sure that my system is using both the ip addresses. But when i connect to other systems or the internet(using proxy), the first ip address is always used by default for sending data packets. i see as my ip address when connecting to sites such as, now my question is that how can i select on my will, which ip address should be used for communication/sending data packets. Can i create a rule for different browsers/applications etc. to use the specific ip address for communication. If so then how to do that?
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Give this a try

by IT-Sim?n In reply to Multiple ip address manag ...

If you look at the properties of your network card, go to the properties of your internet protocol. and choose advanced.

there is an option tab with optional settings. "TCP / IP Filtering"

If you notice it says "TCP / IP Filtering allows you to control the network traffic that reaches your computer."

i think this can also be acomplished using netsh but i'm not familiar with it.

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Try This...

by jayz1220 In reply to Multiple ip address manag ...

I have found that the address set in the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties" dialog is generally the one used as the SRC address on outbound packets. You can then list any other IP addresses within the "Advanced TCP/IP Settings".

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