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    Multiple Language Labels in VB


    by csanosi ·

    I have created a project in VB and have included a RES document to handle the label strings in different languages. I can switch between languages, depending on which language is set as the default, in my control panels, at compile time. I am wondering if there is anyway to set a variable on the user record so that, based on user, I could use the different language labels or is this something that can only be set at compile time?

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      Multiple Language Labels in VB

      by jmusgrov ·

      In reply to Multiple Language Labels in VB

      Look for the TechRepublic Article “Using a system table to store application variables in Access” by Todd Parker, posted May 15. The same concept could apply; store to the local user’s machine a variable that defines the language selected. On start-up, read that variable and set the language accordingly.

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