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    Multiple Logins?


    by kruane ·

    Is there any way, or any third party software, that allows two users to be logged into XP at the same time and also allows both users to work in their own desktop. Every time I try to remotely login to my XP computer, it logs the current user out. Any suggestions?

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      by timwalsh ·

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      In short, no. While there are many packages that will allow you to access the currently active XP session (Terminal Services – Remote Assistance, VNC, PC Anywhere, and others), or start a single remote session (Terminal Services – Remote Desktop), multiple concurrent sessions are not supported by WinXP.

      You essentially need a Terminal Server of some sort to accomplish something like what you want to do.

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      by dkmc00 ·

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      From the following link you can download Virtual Desktop Manager.
      It can manage upto 4 desktops. But I’m not sure if this works both when logged in locally or remotely. You can try it out.

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      by kulwindersingh ·

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      You have some interesting information at the following link
      i tried it works

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