Multiple Monitors (at different locations) connected to one CPU

By dulcita82 ·
I would like to connect multiple monitors to one CPU and be able to place these monitors at different locations on the shop floor. I would like these monitors to display the same image from the host computer. I would like to change/update information on a host/primary computer and have that information display at multiple locations through the monitors. Can this be done? What additional hardware and/or software do I need to purchase other than the monitors and the host computer?

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You Need...

by rkuhn In reply to Multiple Monitors (at dif ...

A reverse IP KVM. Google it.

A regular KVM allows one monitor, mouse, keyboard to control multiple PC's. You need the opposite.

In addition, if the distance between monitors is great, cable length will limit you. Hence, the IP KVM.

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You can get ...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Multiple Monitors (at dif ...

a splitter cable for a couple bucks at any computer retailer. You also need a video cable long enough to reach the other monitor.

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Multiple Users for One CPU

by kbalenzuela In reply to You can get ...

If what you are after is to have multiple users access the same PC simultaneously, then a product like the Elecom Multi-User PC solution may be what you are after.

I hope this helps.

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for informations

by Genius-Thinking In reply to Multiple Monitors (at dif ...

Sir How we can connect one cpu to 10-15 monitor, which devices or software could support for this things. i want the whole information.
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bit late,

by .Martin. In reply to for informations
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Here is one

by vjsh In reply to for informations

By implementing Quad SLI technology (Nvidia), u can setup multiple monitors to a single pc.
following link may help::

Having a good GPU(graphics processing unit) two monitor can be connected n can be cloned -same image on both monitor. (visit

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This "Simple thin-client system" might be of use to you....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Multiple Monitors (at dif ...

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