Multiple network cards

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I use one of my computers for file sharing, this computer has two physical network adapters, one is Ethernet and the other wifi.
My laptop computer also has an Ethernet card as well as a wifi card, I would like to transfer data from my file sharing computer to my laptop using the Ethernet cards while both computers are connected to the internet via their separate wifi cards.
Each time I try this both computers will lose access to the net.
Both computers connect to the net through my router and are of the same work group.
I have Hamachi installed on both computers.
Is it possibly to have both computers connected to the net while also transferring files in an ad-hoc fashion ?
Are there any freewares that will allow me to achieve this ?

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Different subnets

by Fregeus In reply to Multiple network cards

You need to have both network cards on a different subnet than you WiFi. Or else, as soon as the network card gets on the network, it will shutdown the wifi.


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by for_merlin In reply to Different subnets

You did not identify your operating system. If you are using Windows, file sharing and transferring between computers is built in. However, there are some things you must do to allow this feature.
Do you want to share EVERYTHING on both computers? Or, just certain drives or folders?
You cannot share EVERYTHING in Windows, because Windows restricts sharing to non-running processes. Windows since Windows-95 has used a similar process to allow sharing. I am using XP right now so please follow along. Logon as Administrator.
To share a single folder C:\Downloads for instance, you must open Windows Explorer with a Single or double left click on the MY Computer Icon. Single left click if that is how you set your computer to open files and folders and double left click if that {default} was your choice.
Open the "C:" drive and locate the "DOWNLOADS" folder (sub-directory). Right click on the folder (sub-directory) you wish to share and when Explorer pops open a new window left click on Sharing and Security choice. Put a check mark on your preference, and name the share. (Downloads should appear in the share name) Put another check in the "Allow network users to change my files". Left click on Apply.
The Downloads Icon should now show a hand holding the folder Icon.
Now you must re-boot this computer and create the shares by doing the same thing to the other computer(s).
Then to actually see what you have done, you should create a more or less permanent link between the computers. I say more or less permanent because the link will always appear in "MY COMPUTER", but will only work when both computers are operating on the same network.
To do this right click on the MY Network Places icon on one of the computers. A new window will pop-up. Left click on "Map Network Drive". A new window will pop-up. Left Click on the expansion arrow to the right of the white window with the Z:
Select a Drive letter of your choice. Left Click on the Browse button. A new window will pop-up. Left click on your workgroup name. (It should be either MSHOME or WORKGROUP. The window will expand to show all of the computers this computer can see in this workgroup. Left click on (one of) the other computers. The window will expand to show all of the shares this computer can see on that computer. Left click "OK". The path to the drive and or folder you selected will appear in the folder information of the "MAP NETWORK DRIVE". Left Click the Finish button. A new window will pop-up showing the contents of the drive or folder you chose. The next time you left click on my computer you will have a new Icon showing the share you just created. When you left click on this Icon it will open showing you the shared contents. You must do the same thing to the other computer(s) where you wish to share files.
Then to copy files you must open two windows on ONE computer from the "MY COMPUTER" icon. One window is for the source file(s) location and the second window is for the destination file location. To copy files between the computers you just click, drag, and drop.
Moving files between the drives will occur at your network speeds. You can be on the internet in one window and copying files between computers on another pair. It is not possible without additional software to download to both drives at the same time.
As a final note.
ANYONE who has access to one of your computers now has access to all of the shares on that computer, unless you restrict your users access to those shares.
That INCLUDES anyone from the other side of your router!
Happy Networking.

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