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Multiple Network Cards with NT Server 4

By Liteswitch ·
I have an NT Server, and want to put 2 (preferably 3) NIC's in it, with 2 for internal network use, and one for external attachment to the DHCP DSL Box, but I can't seem to work out how to do it. I know it has something to do with assigning different subnet masks for each of the NIC's, and some kind of multihomin, but other than that, I'm stuck...Any help??

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LAN routing

by Vila In reply to Multiple Network Cards wi ...

Don't forget to enable routing in the last tab in the Network properties.

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More Networking...

by eBob In reply to Multiple Network Cards wi ...

I'll assume that if you have just one NIC in your NT box, and it is connected to your "DHCP DSL Box", and that NIC in your NT box is setup for DHCP, that you cann connect just fine out your DSL line?

And I'll assume that you want to use your NT box as some sort of gateway between your LAN(s) and this DSL line.

If this DSL line is for a private network then it's not too bad.

For discussion let's consider that each NIC is on a different subnet.

NIC0 (zero) is what we can call the NICattached to the DSL.

NIC1 (one) is attached to one of your LANs. Give it a fixed IP address. If you're using DHCP on this LAN, make sure to remove this address from your "scope". Any clients on this LAN that need to talk out this network connection should be using this address as their default gateway (again assuming that there are no other network connections).

Similarly configure NIC2 on LAN2 with a fixed IP address from the address space on that segment.

You'll need to configure IP routing between these 2 "inside" interfaces. I'm not sure, but I suspect that if you turn routing on for these interfaces, then you turn it on for all interfaces. Which in turn means that you better have a firewall outside of NIC0, if this is connected to the public network(s) (aka "Internet"). Hopefully this is what your "DHCP DSL Box" is doing.

Comment: Depending on what you're doing, it might be much simpler to get an appropriately sized switch and plug your 2 LANs, your NT Server and yourDSL connection into this switch. Well, it's just a thought.

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