Multiple Network Cards

By hanekwj ·
If you have two NICs in a PC, is there any way of prioritising one to only transfer certain data?

i.e when on a network playing games, can you set one to transfer the game data and one to leach?


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Not really necessary...

by Kingbackwards In reply to Multiple Network Cards

Since you're using this machine to game and leach data, I'm gonna take a wild stab and say its a home/personal machine.

What you're wanting to do isn't really necessary.

1. Your ISP assigns you your IP address, so if your doing something you could get in trouble doing. You'd still get caught.

2. It wont help your speed. I'm going to presume its a Gigabit Ethernet connection. Which means: 1000Base Ethernet = 1,000 Mbit/s
And I will also presume you have a decent Internet connection, let say its cable. A Decent Cable connection = 8 Mbit/s down and 1 Mbit/s up

So worst case: 1,000Mbit/s available vs 9 Mbit/s used.

You wouldn't even be using 1/100th the throughput capability of your network cards single connection.

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What about LAN...?

by hanekwj In reply to Not really necessary...

Very well, so that covers downloading and gaming over broadband internet but what about a LAN where both game data and other data are switched between PCs, in a situation where you want to transfer for example 50GiB worth of video data while playing games. Because the data transfer will take as much of the available bandwidth and as a result your latency for the gaming will increase

I hope this makes it clear that this is not over internet transfer but over LAN.

And if hardware limitations exist, are there software solutions? Example: Winamp can use one sound device and Media player another if it is installed in the same machine.

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Separate networks and/or (V)LAN's

by Churdoo In reply to What about LAN...?

Since there's no way in a PC to say "use this NIC for this application and this NIC for everything else" or something to that effect I believe is what you're asking, the best way I can think of would be to use separate IP networks to segregate your traffic types.

You can also segregate the networks physically by using separate switches for each IP network, or virtually with VLAN's, or have both IP networks running on the same core switches, depending on your budget and where you decide your latency is and/or can/cannot be tolerated.

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Other things to consider.

by Kingbackwards In reply to What about LAN...?

Your gaming performance will be affected no matter what, if your transferring data or doing other things. Even if you have dual NIC's. And for most games they will not fully saturate the network either, because they were written/optimized to function on a WAN configuration. Its file transfers that will slow you down, however there are other things that will slow you down besides network traffic. Which may be the source of any performance issues.

As the previous poster explained you'll need two networks, one with Internet connection lets say a 192.168.1.X network and one with out 10.10.10.X network. Which gets a bit clunky especially for your other machines. They will either need dual network cards or you'll have to swap cables.

But as far as performance. Your data is on hard drive(s), and if its the same hard drive that is reading the operating system or game data. It will slow performance because it will be trying to read non-game/non-system data at the same time.

Also the processor will take a hit because it will be processing the transfer transaction data.

So simply if you're serving files from a machine. Don't make that your gaming machine.

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by hanekwj In reply to Other things to consider.

Thanks to all for the input!


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