Multiple Network Connections Piped into 1 ?

By geordie09 ·
Was reading about an ingenious software idea on about a application called teepipe it reads

"What RAID did for hard drives, TeePipe does for network connections. Today many users have access to multiple, inexpensive broadband connections like DSL, Cable, and Wifi. TeePipe software can transform any combination of links into a single mega-connection for fast, reliable, and cheap surfing"

unfortunatley this software is not available yet (maybe never) but is this idea possible ?

i mean http links go out with one IP address thefore wouldn't one of the links piped in the connection become unused ?

the idea is very similar to that of accelerators or bittorent.

so if this wasn't a hoax would this work ?

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Well that is the idea

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Multiple Network Connecti ...

But if it actually works that's a different story.

Personally as this utilizes several different available Connections to the Net I don't see it actually reducing the overall cost of a connection. It would at best accelerate any Download by splitting it through several different Net Connections like a Striped RAID does.

It looks similar to using a Download Accelerator that is spread across several different Net Connections. Of course the Server that you are downloading from is still the slowest point in any Download so unless the sending systems are optimized for something like this I can not see much benefit.

My 2 cents worth though.


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Thats True !

by geordie09 In reply to Well that is the idea

i wonder what the impact would be though on say gamers and their latency / ping i dont see it working on my end for much or any improvement but also streaming and other UDP applications i would like to see the theory behind it.

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