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Multiple network profiles on a laptop?

By RobertD. ·
One of our sales rep's uses his laptop for work at the office, and for sales at another location. Is it possible to assign him two profiles so that he can log into the two different networks?

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Multiple Profiles.

by dlindber In reply to Multiple network profiles ...

Probably, however I need more information to tell you how.
What operating system are you using on the laptop?
What NOS are you using on your servers?
Are both location stand alone LAN's or are the on the same WAN?

Give me this info and I will get back with a solution.

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VPN & Multiple Profiles

by RobertD. In reply to Multiple Profiles.

My laptop OS are Win 95/98. My server has Win NT, but I would also like to try VPN on Win 2000 Advanced Server (I have it installed on another machine and ready to go). The laptop's are connecting at home into a small company network. Thanks.

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by RobertD. In reply to VPN & Multiple Profiles

Sorry - I went to fast, and mixed up two different projects I'm working on. The laptop's (using Win 9 are connecting to a cable modem, and at the office their connecting to a Win NT Server. Thanks.

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Similar - connect to multiple networks

by twstdPair In reply to Multiple Profiles.

I've got NT 4.0 on my laptop, and frequently connect to different networks (home, dail-up, corportate, customer 1, customer 2) during the same week and sometimes even on the same day. I tried Symantec's Mobile Essentials (versions 2 and 2.5) without a lot of success. ME never correctly updated my DNS settings in my network settings, and didn't update the proxy information in MS IE 5.5. Any other tools out there? I'm half-way considering building some scripts that use NT Resource Kit tools to change registry settings from the command line -- but I consider this really RISKY.

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Can be done.

by francois.carstens In reply to Similar - connect to mult ...

Use Windows 2000. Stick two network cards in the machine. You can setup a profile for each of the network cards. Switch profiles depending on where you are.

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MultiNetwork Manager

by sungam In reply to Can be done.

Its fine if you want to fill your computer with NICS
I suggest that you try MultiNetwork Manager from GlobeSoft this product will handle your different connectivity configurations as well as your other location dependant configurations

Many consultants use it all around the world
you will find it at

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I support the use of Multinetwork

by MelissaBCN In reply to MultiNetwork Manager

hello, the only real way of making that work efficiently is Multinetwork manager. the latest version works great! Even with wireless network cards.
you can also consider multiple hardware profiles in "properties" of "my pc", but by now I don?t trust microsoft "solutions".

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