Multiple Networks on the same router?

By Devonzorz ·
Ok so I am having a problem personally with my computer and possibly my wireless router. I was messing with port forwarding and some other things a while back and ended up stopping, defaulting my settings on my netgear router and such.
Problem I'm having: My wireless that I have connected to for a long time is no longer called just "Netgear" It's called "Netgear 4" Which I have been told is confusing my computer/or router. When I get online on a webpage, as I'm going to another webpage, my internet will "go down"/I can't connect to the webpage. From there I have to disconnect from the network that still says I'm connected and DO have internet, and reconnect, But it goes back down fast. On skype with some of my friends while I'm having to say "give me a second, my internet went down" sounds stupid because, again. I AM connected and AM talking to them. Another problem that it is also causing is on my xbox, my NAT is set to moderate, which it wasn't before which I was told that my router or network is confused also. Any feedback would help..

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Have you checked your AV?

by rpevley In reply to Multiple Networks on the ...

This sounds a lot like Norton or McAfee to me. Do you have either one of these installed, namely an Internet Security Suit? This is just a shot in the dark, but it sounds like the web port (80) is being blocked or disabled.

You might also check your Routers DNS settings to verify there isn't a broadcast address in there somewhere (, you can log into the GW and fins this or command prompt with the ipconfig /all|more command . You may try for craps and giggles using OpenDNS as a test. Just enter as your primary DNS and as your secondary DNS and see where that gets ya.

Let me know how it turns out

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