Multiple Outgoing VPN connections from one XP client

By lzantal ·

I need to make 2 VPN connections to 2 different VPN servers from an XP pro client.
I can only connect to one server at a time from one machine.
Is there anyway I could make 2 VPN connections simultaneously to 2 different server on the same XP pro machine?
I really need to make this work.
Maybe some 3rd party VPN client?
The 2 VPN servers are XP pro machines setup as VPN server.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you


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possible with two nic's

by El_Duce In reply to Multiple Outgoing VPN con ...

With two network cards it can be easily done.

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how to set to use 2nd nic

by lzantal In reply to possible with two nic's

I installed a second nic card but still no luck. How could I tell the second vpn connection to use the second card?
Could you explain?

Thank you

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You only need one NIC

by Nimmo In reply to possible with two nic's

A VPN is just a virtual connection that uses your physical network card to tunnel through, you can create an use multiple at one time.

Create both your VPN's and make sure you uncheck the 'use default gateway on network' for each connection.

Connect the first then the second, do a ipconfig /all and you'll see that the two VPN connections are present with their own IP addressing, along with your physical cards addressing.

All your connections (VPN and local) will be slow because they are using your physical network connection to tunnel through to each network, so the more you add and use at the same time the slower each will be because they need to share the bandwidth.

Not only that but because the VPN's are in use and there is an extra overhead of the VPN tunnel itself.

You will run into problems however if the remote computers internal IP addresses are the same because they wont resolve properly.

Test the connection by pinging each remote machine by IP and hostname.

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