Multiple PCs, Multiple locations, multiple mice and a laptop.

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Hi all,

I have a work laptop running windows 10. At the office we have a network drive, I can use my laptop from home or office equally using RAI Drive.

At home I have a workstation running heavy software suites on win10 with a single monitor, mouse, trackball mouse, and keyboard, that will not be connected to the internet. I am planning an identical setup at the office.

At the office I have a usb3 dock running dual monitors, kb, mouse and wired network that I use with my laptop. I am planning a near identical setup at home.

I would like to be able to dock my laptop at home or office, and have the workstation PC (in each respective location) access the network drive that I have mapped to my laptop, I would prefer the workstation drive sharing be directly to and from the laptop (local ethernet/usb?) and not via the internet (I want to run all files through the laptop from the nw drive, rather than having three seperate computers accessing and editing the drive.

I am also planning on having a mouse, a trackball mouse and a single keyboard in each location, all logitech with uni receiver if necessary. The keyboard will be used across both computers, following the cursor controlled by either mouse (logitech suite or MS mouse without borders? Opinions?) Again, both setups would be virtually identical, the laptop will travel between locations, accessing the drive either by lan at the office or internet at home, each workstation should work identically at each location, including both sets of HIDs.

Apologies if I've overcomplicated a simple question.

Is this possible? Or practical?

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