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Multiple printer recommendation

By rickp ·
I have a customer in the graphics business. He has 2 Epson 1280 Stylus printers 1 is connected paralell port directly, 1 is usb via 2port dlink server which also has a Xante laser printer connected to it. His compter is a windows 98SE system 512mb sdram 80 gig hd (Win98 because of some software compatability issues). He wants to add 2 more Epson 1280 printers and be able to monitor all ink cartridges. Should I recommend a new computer as a print server just to manage/monitor all printers? Or do I recommend another network printserver? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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by grbeckmeyer In reply to Multiple printer recommen ...

On one hand, it would be pretty easy to just add a couple extra parallel ports to the existing system. You didn't mention the cpu, but with Win98 I would guess it is older. Anything below 1.5Ghz and I would think they would be better off with a new PC and just throw a few extra parallel ports in there. Either way, can't hurt to start by adding in the cards, they can always be moved to a new system.

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by Choppit In reply to Multiple printer recommen ...

Unless I've misunderstood, is there any reason why all 5 printers can't be connected locally via USB and/or parallel?

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by aquias2000 In reply to Multiple printer recommen ...


There are several things you should try to account for first. Does he need to share these printers with other systems (This may be the most important thing to find out prior to recommending a print server). If yes, then I'd say follow up with a print server. If not, then I'd say look into just doing the USB expansion.

Next up, why does he need so many printers connected to one system? You may want to do some research and recommend a higher end printer system capable of meeting his needs without having to have him purchase so much extra equipment.

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by astewart In reply to Multiple printer recommen ...

Many printer utilities that report ink usage, calibration etc. are not reliable unless they are directly connected to the Printer. Either fit additional ports in the form of an i/o card or possibly use usb to parallel converters.

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