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    Multiple RDC via Windows 7 to one server possible?


    by lavarinth ·

    In Windows XP I had multiple user accounts (say client1, 2, 3, 4) connect to our server via remote desktop connections from one computer. This would, of course, have four users login from one computer and this person could multitask.

    In Windows 7, anytime I attempt to do the same process by using “Save As” in the RDC screen, it will overwrite any RDC shortcuts already established for the server through a different user. (Example: Create “client1 to SERVER” Save As “RDC Client 1,” repeat process for client2 will replace “RDC Client 1’s” username and password with RDC Client 2’s, making two identical RDC connections.

    Is there a possible way to allow the feature that was available via XP for 7? Or is it possible to create a batch file that will automatically load RDC and enter a username/password to the server and connect?

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