Multiple RDP sessions on Vista Business machine?

By msharma117 ·
I just recently got a machine with Vista Business on it. I installed a software on it that I would like the users (with in the LAN) to use. So I enabled and configured the RDP on that Vista machine. I tested it and it works fine from the other machine.
The problem is that it can only have one RDP session only and I have 2-3 folks who would like to use it at the same time.
Is there anyway to configure Vista RDP to accept multiple sessions like we have it on Windows 2003 server etc? If not then is there any FREE software that I can use to achive what I am trying to do?
Thanks for your time.

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Only 1 RDP session for Vista is possible

by faradhi In reply to Multiple RDP sessions on ...

I do not know of any software that will allow you to have multiple simultaneous logins to a Vista OS.

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i wonder if

by m61 In reply to Only 1 RDP session for Vi ...

something like vnc would work for more than one connection, i've never tried to have more than one vnc session opened before, so i don't know for sure

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Nope, vnc is remote control software

by faradhi In reply to i wonder if

and does not extend the limit of one active login.

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by Nimmo In reply to Multiple RDP sessions on ...

Vista isn't a multiuser platform, I am pretty sure you will get conflicts if you try using a third party application to create multiple sessions because you are connecting to the same session as the logged in user.

Mind you I have never tried to do this, it would be interesting to see how vista handles the different requests. More than likely the second connection will override the first therefore disconnecting the first user from the session.

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not possible

by lowlands In reply to Multiple RDP sessions on ...

Like the previous posts mention, Vista is not a multi-user platform. Any remote desktop app will only connect you to the 'console session'. So if one person is connected and another user connects and tries to log on it will either fail or the first user will be logged off.

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