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Multiple Servers, One Share, How To Make The One Share Appear Local?

By Answerfactory ·
So, I have a set of files and directories that I need to share across multiple Windows 2003 R2 servers for a Java app that I use. However, its doesn't support UNC paths, so I am having to do complicated synchronization across servers.

What I would like to do is have some type if file share ( Windows File Share, DFS, iSCSI, SAN, NAS, etc. ) that looks like a local drive to each server, but is actually remote and lets them share the same files.

That way, when I update the application or its associated files, I can just do it in one spot and all the servers have access to it immediately.

Any ideas on what a low-cost solution to this would be?

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That's kinda what DFS does

by robo_dev In reply to Multiple Servers, One Sha ...

DFS both creates aliases for storage areas (name spaces) and also can do replication.

When you say 'looks like a local drive', does that mean your Java App requires actual drive letters?

Drive letters and/or UNC to local-file-system translation happens in the client, not the host.....

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Application Runs Non-Interactively

by Answerfactory In reply to That's kinda what DFS doe ...

The application and associated utilies are run unattended by a scheduling application, come of the executables used by the application are not UNC path friendly, so I cannot use them.

However, my server team told me that a DFS share can be mounted as a local folder on each of the servers, and it sounds reliable enough that I am going to go with it as a solution.

Thank you.

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