multiple ssid on cisco aironet 1242

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Hi, im trying to configure multiple wireless networks on my cisco aironet. Currently we have 4 aironets around the office who are not broadcasting ssid's for our private internal network. DHCP is not handled by the access points but the domain controller. I need to add a second wlan to only one of the 4 wireless routers for public wireless access, with dhcp. Can someone please point me in the right direction? i "think" (but need to confirm) that i need to create an interface on a different subnet, assign a vlan, setup dhcp on that subnet, create a ssid then assign it to a vlan??? i may be way off. also, whats the deal with broadcasting multiple bssid's? and if I enable vlan's on this one AP, do i have to enable it on all the others?

Thanks all, i know thats a lot of questions. Any help appreciated.

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You can have a VLAN on only one AP

by robo_dev In reply to multiple ssid on cisco ai ...

It's not acutally rocket are some configuration examples:**86a00801d0815.shtml

Broadcasting multiple SSIDs is no big deal.

Remember that the SSID appears in every data packet, so it really makes no difference from a security perspective if you broadcast or not...but keep in mind that many devices, especially Apple stuff, is MUCH easier to configure if the SSID is broadcasted.

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by bipper9879 In reply to multiple ssid on cisco ai ...

you have most likely fixed this by now but you are on the right track create INT vlan on router add vlan to 1200 assign vlan to SSID and when they connect with the correct SSID they will only have access to that vlan.

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