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By pauldsheath ·
Hi All

I am after a bit of advice with my network.

Currently I have got four different subnets, each of these is connected to an interface on my PIX 515.

These are :

eth0/0 - 192.168.100.x - LAN ALL
eth0/1 - 192.168.10.x - DMZ 1
eth0/2 - 192.168.20.X - DMZ 2
eth0/3 - 192.168.30.x - DMZ 3

The problem I have is that my LAN is now running out of addresses, so I want to look to put servers on one range,

desktops on one range and printers on one range.

ie I want to have the LAN on 3 subnets such as :

192.168.100.x - Servers
192.168.101.x - Desktops
192.168.102.x - Printers

My problem is that I am not 100% sure of the best way to do it.

If my existing LAN (192.168.100.x) is using a subnet of do I just change my DHCP scope etc for my

desktops to the new one above and it will all work or is it more involved?

Thanks in advance


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