Multiple Subnets

By H4CKN3T ·
Before asking my question, please don't reply with "you don't need that" or "thats an overkill for a home network". I am doing this for training purposes and a home lab creation. I also know that these routers aren't particularly made for this type of setup, but I know there is people out there that can make this happen. All your help is greatly appreciated, and if you ever need any help from me, please don't hesitate to ask.

Basically this is what I am trying to do:
As of now, all subnet masks are I have a FreeNAS server in which I use the Web server and the torrent server only. I would like for it to be on a different subnet than the rest of my network. I have been trying to get this going for weeks now in my spare time, and I am having a difficult time getting the subnets to talk to each other.
I have had it setup many ways, but basically I have a cable modem running to a Dynex DX-E402 wired router with an integrated 4 port switch. DHCP is turned off on all routers. Dynex has a LAN IP of From one of the Dynex router's switch ports I have a Netgear WNR2000 router with the wifi turned off as well as the dhcp turned off, and an IP of I have tried connecting to the Netgears WAN port and one of the switch ports, and enabled RIP on the Netgear router. From one of the switch ports I connect the FreeNAS server with a static IP of
Now back at the Dynex router, from another switch port I have a linksys wrt54gv2 with DD-WRT v24. As of now, the linksys is assigned an IP of Once again, I have tried connecting to the linksys from the Dynex wan port and a switch port, as well as assigning an IP of to the linksys. The linksys is set to router mode and I have tried adding static routes to the network. I also went into the Dynex router and assigned static routes to both the linksys and netgear router. The linksys has Wifi enabled which provides access via switch ports to a Windows Server 2003 and a windows 7 desktop. Wirelessly it connects my i7 laptop, iphone, and a wap54g which is in client mode and wired to my custom built i7 gaming machine. As long as I keep the linksys side of the network on the network everything on that side works fine but if I change the linksys IP to it is unable to talk to anything else or get online. I'm not really doing anything with the windows server as of now, but plan on it in the future. I am thinking I could use the Windows server as a DNS to solve my issues but that hasn't been accomplished yet. The FreeNAS has never been able to access the internet while on a different subnet.
I have tried so many different setups with this, and each time there will be somebody who can't talk to the other hosts. If anyone knows a better way to do what I am trying to do, this is what I have to work with:

Dynex DX-E402 Wired Router
Netgear WNR2000
Linksys WRT54g DD-WRTv24 Firmware
Windows Server 2003
2 PCs
1 Laptop
1 Iphone
Linksys WAP54g (which is basically being used as a wifi adapter for my main pc because I like using eth0 when I'm running linux)

Thank You.

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Put DD-WRT where the Dynex is and open-up the subnet..

by cmatthews In reply to Multiple Subnets

..on DD-WRT to /22 (leave the others at /24).
Forget the RIP everything has a metric of one anyway (it's quite chatty too).
Let DD-WRT do the routing between subnets if it can.. otherwise get an old mobo, floppy and 3 NIC's and use FreeSCO (or vyatta if you have the cash).

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Goes like this

by CG IT In reply to Multiple Subnets

Simple subnets on consumer level routers are Class C addressing so stick with that. Your perimeter routers LAN address is then routers LANS behind this one could be and respectively.

Trick is WAN ports of routers behind the perimeter router are addressed on the perimeter routers LAN, use the perimeter router as the default gateway and use the ISP DNS server. clients behind these routers use their respective router as the default gateway [the routers LAN address] and use the ISP DNS servers.

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But Dynex and Netgear are low-end.. Why not put WRT where..

by cmatthews In reply to Goes like this can do its best work?

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by H4CKN3T In reply to But Dynex and Netgear are ...

Wow! Thanks for the quick replies! This is the 1st time I have ever asked for help online! I've actually thought about putting the dd-wrt as the perimeter router, but my concern is I am using the dd-wrt router for my wifi. The netgear wnr2000 is a POS and a sorry excuse for a wireless router if you ask me, and I can't use WPA to my wap54g if I use the netgear for wifi, so the netgear is going to have to be used as a wired router.
How about this:
If I make dd-wrt as my default gateway to the internet.

switch port1 from dd-wrt ---> dynex wan port then switch port from dynex to freenas, making dynex and freenas

From switch port2 and port3 of the dd-wrt running to my win server and desktop PC (all static IPs).

Wifi enabled on dd-wrt so I can use my gaming machine (actually to the wap54g as a client then cat5'd over to the gaming machine,which is tripple booted with win7, Ubuntu, Backtrack 4 **like i said b4 I prefer wired to wireless when using linux if possible, plus i have it might as well use it). iPhone & laptop will use the wifi from dd-wrt as well, which all will be in the subnet.
I could just leave the netgear out of the picture I suppose.
I will try this setup tomorrow and let everyone know how it goes.
Thanks again for all your help, I am really impressed with the ppl willing to help.

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routers break up on big network, into small networks

by CG IT In reply to Thanks!

since you have 3 routers, your going to have 3 networks. Also, these are consumer level routers which are "gateways" by default [meaning they have their firewall enabled]. That will block all inbound traffic.

If you put them into "router" mode, then you have to create a routing table so that the router knows what to do with traffic not destined for the local network.

you could use RIP to build a routing table, but also use static routing. either way, the router needs to know what to do with traffic.

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