Multiple Video Cards in one desktop PC

By Mozster ·
I have an HP Desktop with a NVIDIA dual head DVI video card which I use to connect and extend my desktop to 2 monitors under Windows Vista.
Works great.

However I now want to be able to connect this to my new LCD TV as well preferably using HDMI.

If I buy an extra video card with a HDMI output on it can I switch between them so I can either use my 2 monitors as normal or switch to my HD TV and use that as the display.

I think my HD TV has a DVI input as well but I'm aware if I connect using this then there will be no sound going from my PC to the TV where as over an HDMI cable there will be.

I'm aware you can now buy video cards with dual head DVI on them as well as HDMI but ideally I don't want to throw out my current NVIDIA card if I don't need to.


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You can buy a second card no problem

by Slayer_ In reply to Multiple Video Cards in o ...

BUT you require two video slots on your board. Most likely PCI Express 16.

To play an HD movie, requires a beefy video card.

Put simply, you would be better off using a KVM switch or just manually moving the cable when you want to watch a movie on the big screen.

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2nd card

by Mozster In reply to You can buy a second card ...

Probably don't have a 2nd slot to fit 2 cards in when I had a look!

Can I still use a DVI switch box if I'm using a dual head DVI nvidia card already to connect to a twin monitor display?
Is there a special DVI switch box that has dual DVI inputs and dual outputs to match?

Or would I just pull both DVI monitor connections out and connect my TV DVI cable to the 1st DVI head on the Nvidia?

Also I presume I'd need to connect phono/rca cables from my soundcard to the TV separately as am I correct in thinking that DVI cable doesn't carry the sound - only the video?

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Yes there are duel DIV switch boxes (expensive!)

by Slayer_ In reply to 2nd card

If your just looking to hook up a TV, I suggest hooking up a single DVI switch box on monitor 2 and the TV. That way, when you flip the switch, monitor 2 becomes the TV.
Windows shouldn't take up too much of an issue with this. Just restart the computer once under each configuration so windows installs the drivers properly.

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And be careful

by IC-IT In reply to Multiple Video Cards in o ...

to insure that the new video card supports sound over HDMI. Not all of them with HDMI output supports sound.

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couple things to think about....

by ---TK--- In reply to Multiple Video Cards in o ...

you can get a DVI to HDMI converter, and if your GFX card and TV is DHCP compliant... The sound will go through the HDMI cable... I got my DVI to HDMI converter at Microcenter for 9.99. Or you can buy a cable which is more expensive.

Also, some food for though: XP can handle up to 10 monitors at the same time... that is about 5 GFX cards running (independent)... requires alot of power and PCI or PCI-x slots... But it is possible :)

Once you hookup your PC to your TV, you might have to do some research and/or tinkering with "overscan" issues.

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