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    Multiple VLANs under 1 Workgroup


    by simonlee ·

    Hi, I’m new to such forum, and this is the 1st time i’m posting question publicly, hope i’m asking the correct question…. Anyway this is my queries.

    My company corporate network is currently running multiple VLANs with trunk connection to a cisco ASA5550 firewall. Is there a way to group my HR Dept. with VLAN(103) & Account Dept. VLAN(104) to become under 1 workgroup namely “Corp”? As when I open My Network Places to View Workgroup Computers, i can see those workstation from different VLAN.


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      by simonlee ·

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      Multiple VLAN, single Workgroup

      by mjfera ·

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      The short answer to your question is Yes.

      As long as you are using a routable protocol, the workgroup will talk between VLans with no issue.

      If you are using WINS, be sure to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on every host. NetBIOS is not routable unless it’s carried over TCP/IP.

      Hope this helps.

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