Multiple WAN Interface Configuration

By vdoshi79 ·
I have a Cisco 2600 Router with the following:
1 FastEthernet LAN interface
1 FastEthernet WAN interface
1 2port Serial WAN interface

I have two different service providers for two different data services, each connected to a WAN interface (1 FastEthernet and 1 Serial).
I want to be able to send packets to each one based on the destination address for each packet. I have set up the routes such that I can ping all the destination addresses from the router.
My server is set up with a LAN address and the default gate is set to the Cisco 2600 router.
When I try and ping from my server, I can get to the addresses connected to the FastEthernet WAN interface. However, I cannot ping any address that is connected to the Serial interface from my server...but I can from the router.
What am I missing?
Any help is appreciated.

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