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Multiple Word 2003 Docs

By fadbel ·
In the past, if I opened multiple docs in Word, I could access the other docs from the Window menu (doc1, doc2, etc.).
With this version of Word, if I select multiple docs to open, a new Word window opens with each document. This takes up desktop space and uses more system resources.
Is there a method (I can't find one) to prevent Word from opening new windows for each doc and go back to selecting the current doc from the Window drop-down menu?

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Multiple Word 2003 Docs

by dr.z In reply to Multiple Word 2003 Docs

Microsoft says,
"When you create or open a file in a Microsoft Office program, the file opens in a separate window. You can quickly switch from one file to another by clicking the file's button on the taskbar or by pressing ALT+TAB."

If you do not want to show the windows in the Taskbar, clear the "Windows in Taskbar" check box found on the Tools, Options, View Tab.

You should still have the functionality to switch via the Windows menu--I do.

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ALT+TAB plus...

by fadbel In reply to Multiple Word 2003 Docs

Thanks. I'm aware of these but my main conceern is that, in opening multiple Word documents, (hidden or not) additional resources are being taken up by the additional documents being opened. Task manageer will still show multiple copies of Word active.
However, the "Clear Windows in Taskbar" button is a good hint.

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Opening Word XP Documents In One Window

by Garv-Jones In reply to Multiple Word 2003 Docs

That is aggreviating, isn't it! Well to alleviate the problem of having many instances of Word open,
1. Open Word
2. From the Menu Bar, Click Tools>Options
3. Select the "View" Tab
4. Uncheck the "Windows in Taskbar" option
5. Click Ok

This will do it.

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what does "one window" really mean?

by edward perez In reply to Opening Word XP Documents ...

from the Word help file about the "Windows in Taskbar" option:
"Displays an icon on the Microsoft Windows taskbar for each open window in a Microsoft Office program. Clearing this check box places a single icon for each open program on the taskbar."

what it *really* controls:
1) number of Word icons on the taskbar (on - one, off - multiple)
2) how many Word windows are opened (on - one, off - multiple)

the help text doesnt really say it will only open one window (item 2 above), only that it will consolidate icons on the taskbar (item 1 above).

compare this behavior to Excel's and Powerpoint's. Whether or not the option is on, those pgms will only open *one* appl window. these are the kinds of inconsistencies that bug me about microsoft. choose one style!!!

regardless whether or not you turn the option on, you can still use Word's Window menu bar entry to bring the other doc/window to the front. you can also use Alt-tab and the taskbar.

with regards to desktop space, i use VERN or MS Virtual Desktop Manager to get more "desktops" and swap between them. to me, that's much easier than selecting icons on the taskbar or using alt-tab.

VERN - also has a nice appl launcher (Blanch) similar to the Quick Launch area in the task bar. you can have it autohide so it doesnt take up screen or task bar space until you need it.


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One Window

by fadbel In reply to what does "one window" re ...

Thanks, that's really a VERY GOOD description of what really happens.
I like the idea of multiple desktops but the one from MS carries across all the 4,000 icons I have on the "base" desktop and just allows you to "run" programs in a separate desktop. Some years back, I seem to recall a multiple desktop program that allowed MOVING ICONS to desktops, thereby cleaning up and categorizing the desktops. I'll check out the link you sent.
Please read my reply to DR Z and one of my main concerns.

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Clear Windows in Taskbar

by fadbel In reply to Opening Word XP Documents ...

Thanks but Dr Z beat you to it by one message.
Read my reply to him.

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Add 'Next Window' Button to menubar

by sjones In reply to Clear Windows in Taskbar

You can also add a 'next window' button to your toolbar. Click View, Toolbars, Customize. Then select commands and 'Window and Help'. In the right pane you should have options for 'Next Window', 'Previous Window' and 'Close' (as well as others). Simply drag them to an existing toolbar, or create a new one and place them there. This works well in conjunction with Windows in Taskbar switch.

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Option setting in Word

by jsulliva In reply to Multiple Word 2003 Docs

Go to Tools, Options, View tab; in the first section "Show" uncheck the box "Windows in Taskbar".
This will allow you to have one window on the Taskbar and select open documents from the Window drop-down menu.

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And The Winner Is...

by fadbel In reply to Multiple Word 2003 Docs

You got it!
There are so many options available, I'm not surprised I missed that one.

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