Multiple workgroups - one doesn't work right

By sprjchristensen-tr ·
This is a very bizarre situation
1.) The network I am dealing with is a peer to peer with approximately 80 computers (I know, don't ask!) using Windows XP SP2.

2.) It has 5 workgroups we'll call A, B, C, D and E.

3.) I can configure the PC to be a member of any of workgroups A through D and can navigate to any of the other workgroup except for E.

4.) If I make the PC a member of E, it can't see E or any of the other workgroups.

Any ideas?



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by jimmy-jam In reply to Multiple workgroups - one ...

When you say it can't "see" anything else are you talking stictly not being able to browse to it or are you talking about not even being able to ping?

1. Are the PC's on the same subnet?
2. If they are not on the same subnet, is the windows firewall turned on and the E range of IP's is not trusted?
3. Are there any PC's on E that can see each other and it is only when you add one to E it fails?
4. Are you using routers between the workgroups and if so are the routes set up?

Just a few things I would check to start out with.

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