multiplethreading and webservice calls

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Simplified version of the app:

I have a C# windows service that generates a xml message. That message needs to be sent to 50 webservices.

In the windows service, I create a thread for each webservice and send that message to the 50 webservice

40 of the calls come back successfully and 10 of them time out. All 50 webservices process the message successfully and send a response back to the calling windows service.

is there some configuration that i might be missing?

Thanks for any help


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Well it's not a web timeout if the calls are

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to multiplethreading and web ...

sucessful, so have you put a time out on the thread waiting to receive a response? If so give it a bit longer..

Stick a delay in the code say every ten thread creates, have a play see if you can get some info about the failures.
Which ones fail allways the same ones, always the last ten scattered through out the fifty...

On a theoretical machine this should just work, in the real world obviously not. Too many things that could be going wrong, waht happens if you send all fifty calls to teh same web service for instance..

Sometaimes they only way to find out wht's going is to push to extremes and see if you can get some more clues.

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