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MultipleWebserversLocal - 1WebsiteGlobal

By jlindemann ·
I have an odd situation here and I'm hoping someone can help me.

I have (1) webserver that runs Windows\IIS\ASP\Access and currently this is the website that the WWW sees on a daily basis.

We are working on a new project to install a "MapServer", but this is being done in Linux\Apache\PHP\mySQL.

What we are wanting to do is have our main website, but we want to be able to reference or pull up the 'mapserver' website (which is internal) and integrate it into our normal website. This way the WWW will be able to see the 'mapserver' as well and outside users would see no difference and not know that we are using (2) webservers.

Question is.... how can I do this? Our firewall will only allow one port 80 device.

Would I modify our DNS so that maybe if comes up the DNS knows that if 'mapserver' is called to point to internal ip

This is how I've worked it for our exchange webmail portion of our email server that is seperated from the webserver.

We haven't begun this project yet that is why I'm asking this question first to make sure it can be done.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MultipleWebserversLocal - ...

I'm a bit at a loss here why are you using a Windows Web Server and a Nix Mail Server in this type of configuration? And more importantly why do you think that you'll need more than 1 Port 80 Access point?

What you should do with your Web Page is insert Hyperlinks pointing to the Nix Server on the Local Network for the Maps and bring them into the Windows Server for distribution.

Provided that both these servers on the same side of the DMZ and have Trusts built between them there shouldn't be any problems. But if you have them on different sides of the DMZ you could be exposing your network to a Security Breach.

But from your description one is a Web Server and the other a Mail Server so they should effectively be on the same side of the DMZ but you may have to establish a Trust between them.


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by jlindemann In reply to

Hmmm... perhaps I miscommunicated my question. Let me try to further elaborate as to what I'm looking for exactly.

When the project is said and done we will end up having (2) webserver internally, and the WWW will only see (1) webpage. Currently our website is up and running and runs through the firewall on Port80 and runs off a MSWindows/IIS/Access server.

What we are trying to accomplish is to create a "MapServer" application (it's like MapQuest) and this application is web-based but will run on a Linux/Apache/SQL server.

In the end when a user on the WWW comes to our website and enters the MapServer section of our website I want it to be seemless to them that they think they are still in the same site, but in reality they have changed servers.

I think you got hung up on my example with MSExchange. We currently use MSExchange2003 and it has to run on it's own server because of it's size. As part of that bundle it has it's own web server application for WebMail. This is set so that any HTTPS requests are forwarded to my MSExchange2003 server. The reason I know this works when a user enters our site at is because it's coming through Port443 instead of Port80.

What I'm asking can I do it so that on my website, when I want a user to access the MapServer section it will have them switch to that internal Linux webserver, but still have both internal webservers (Windows & Linux) will run off Firewall Port80..... but how can I make is so that it will switch servers?
I know that I can't just type \\server\www because the WWW will not understand where that internal server is.

I understand this is an odd request, but at current time we can't switch all over to Linux and the Linux server has functionality for MapServer and other MapServer applications. So how do I join (2) internal webservers to be presented to the WWW as (1) website?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MultipleWebserversLocal - ...

Where you are going wrong is attempting to push both servers onto the Web. When your primary Server is accessed for your Web Site and you need to point it to a Map in the Nix Server instead of inserting a Hyperlink like you need to insert a direct link to the Nix server like you would do with a shared printer on a network. So the link would look something like this \\{Server Name}\{drive mounting point}\file name or however you are performing this operation you may have a program to run the various maps on or it may require you to pick up the maps individually.

The Nix server would be using Samba to communicate with the Windows Server internally and all you need do is place a link directly to the Nix Server whenever a map is called for. Depending on how you are doing this it may require multiple internal links to the Nix Server for different maps. While this isn't strictly speaking a Hyper Link it's more of something like a Link that is used internally to a web page like something that you would insert into your front page to bring up an image stored on your main Server. Here all you should need to do is extend that internal linking a bit further and instead of just pointing to files held on the local server you can point then to another internal server for different programs or images depending on what it is you need.

Depending on how you are creating thee Web Pages you may not be aware that every time you insert an image you have created a link to it as it can just appear on the page but if you go to the underlying code you'll see a link to the item. In Front Page they call this link a Hyper Link quite incorrectly but it's now become fairly commonly used so that's why I said Hyper link above instead of Internal Link.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

If you do things this way there should be no need to expose the Nix server to the net in any form and you can leave the Windows Server as your main Hosting unit with internal links over the network to pickup the desired maps. Of course this all depends on what you have used to create the Web Page as if it's Front Page this may be unsupported but if i's Dream Weaver there shouldn't be any problems and the linking would remain seamless to the outside observer unless there was a network outage or hardware failure which took the Nix server down then the maps wouldn't be available. But by the same token if there was a hardware failure on the Windows Server the Site would be off line until it was fixed. Even scheduled Reboots would temporarily take the site off line but unfortunately with Windows Servers this can not be avoided.

I don't know if I'm saying this properly as I'm not really up to speed with your particular needs in this case but you should be able to allow the internal network do all the hard work for you and only have the one Server Hosting your Web Page with internal links to the other one for the required maps so a call for a map doesn't actually leave the internal network but it's nothing more than a call to the Nix server for an image which is then hosted by the Windows Server and broadcast by it.


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