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Multiprocessors in a Solaris 8 env

By rlbeaver ·
We have a 12 processor server with plenty of memory. The users are running Cadence and other multithreaded applications.

When doing a top, each user's process is on a seperate processor and is taking up 12.64% of that processor. Their stuff is taking 24 hours or more to run.

Is there someplace I have to change to allow their stuff to run on multiple processors and remove the process size limits? Searches on the web have been inconclusive.


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by j.tavares In reply to Multiprocessors in a Sola ...


It depends on the application. There might be 2 ways to solve this. First talk to your vendor and ask about multiprocessor support. Second, discuss multiple instances of the application running simultaneously (this might require some data-splitting process perhaps). If you look at a robust RDBMS, you can see that they are specifically designed to run in a multiprocessor configuration, but Cadence may not be designed that way.
Since this looks pretty much like a batch application, my second suggestion, splitting the data and running multiple instances, may be your best bet (be careful about licensing issues!).


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by uffe.sommerlund In reply to Multiprocessors in a Sola ...

what is the name exactly of the Solaris version ????
What Sparc machine is it ?

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by rlbeaver In reply to

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by rlbeaver In reply to Multiprocessors in a Sola ...

It's a SunFire v880, 12 processors, 32GB of RAM, and
around 400GB of disk. It's running Solaris 8 (due to a
problem with the version of Cadence they are running and
Solaris 9).

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by rlbeaver In reply to Multiprocessors in a Sola ...

The users also wonder why they can only use 12% of the
processor and no more...I know there are some kernel
tuning parameters, but from what I can see, the default
seems to be limitless...

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by rlbeaver In reply to Multiprocessors in a Sola ...

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