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By ssjvash ·
I want to hopefully have a true multitasking desktop PC setup that can juggle audio settings and connections with other devices utilizing only 1 control. I currently often find myself bouncing back and forth between ventrilo and discord simultaneously using separate PTT binds, while playing games or doing video editing work with premier/OBS. When I have to step away from my desk, I can't quickly or easily swap off PTT audio input and have to remain mute. I also have a Yahama keyboard that I want to start recording with instead of just hobby playing, so I was considering picking up a mixer with bluetooth support for multiple bluetooth connections. So if I want to use my XM3 with Zoom to tutor EFL & linguistic students, I can't also have it paired with my cell phone or laptop. I want a setup that can manage multiple audio inputs and outputs simultaneously. My Canon DSLR camera broke, so I was also thinking of getting a replacement that could double as webcam with my new build. I currently have a generic component/HDMI switch for console capture. The audio seems to be my hard point, and I do not currently use a stream deck, mixer, dac or any other audio devices (except a cruddy old amp). I don't plan for any of my equipment to leave my office other than my laptop and cellphone. I'm not worried about cost per se, but I don't want to go super crazy. My current Elgato is several years old and I was going to replace it anyways so the following items are the only hardware I'd like to keep in the setup:

Sony wh-1000xm3 (primary audio output, that I want to double as input on the fly when leaving office)
Rode NT-USB (primary audion input)

I recognize that this is a convoluted ask due to trying to integrate some drastically different hobbies together, but any recommendations or even just suggestions on routes to explore would be highly appreciated.
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