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Multiuser Edit (same xml)

By ozgencan ·
Hi everybody;
I have a problem related to Infopath forms. When the users try to open the form, they face to a prompt window on which they should select one of "Read Only / Edit" options.
If a form's Edit option is selected by the user A, then the user B has no permission to edit.
But I want to let all users edit the same infopath form at the same time.
For solution of the related problem, I searched and found that it can be accomplished through a webinterface (cg?? based or not, I have no idea)
Also another solution I found is using javascript that controls these 2 options (Read / Edit)
Can anyone any idea to solve this issue?
Kind regards,
??zgen BEKTA??

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Just the Bleeding Obvious

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Multiuser Edit (same xml)

Two people can not be editing the same file at the same time on the same Server. No matter what you have read this is not possible as one person makes changes the form changes but when 2 people attempt to access the same file the system prevents this from happening.


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Give this up now

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Multiuser Edit (same xml)

The reason you are getting that prompt is you cannot have more than one user writing to the same file at the same time.

You either
Accept that limitation,

Or you write (or implement (e.g. web page) that is multi user capable that writes to the file, and deal with the collisions.

Or you look for a real solution to what you want to do, instead of trying to cure the symptoms of what looks to be a nasty kludge.

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XmlFormViewer Multiuser Edit

by ozgencan In reply to Multiuser Edit (same xml)

Dear Mr. Hopkinson;
I searched for this problem's solution in many forums and I cant find any reliable answer. Now I am trying to solve my issue through xmlformviewer but ?? dont know actually if this allows multiuser edit or not. As you adviced before, now I am looking for a real solution instead of trying to cure the symptoms of what looks to be a nasty kludge :)
Kind regards,

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