mup.sys startup issues

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I have read a lot of threads on this topic and all of them are different. Let me tell you about my problem. I am using a Sony Vaio Laptop and am running XP. The problem started the other day when I was using the computer and the mouse stopped working and then the screen went blue. So i restarted thinking that would solve the problem and the computer just hung up at the welcome screen. Then I tried running in safe mode and it stopped at the mup.sys. Sometimes I can get it to start up while using Last Known Configuration but even when that works it takes a while to get on the computer and both the mouse and the keyboard down work. I did a complete system restore and that has not solved the problem. Anyone have any other suggestions??? Thanks

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Heat problems with the Vaio laptop

by Tig2 In reply to mup.sys startup issues

How old is this laptop? I have one that is about 4 years old. It developed heat issues that were not fixable.

I use a wire rack under my laptop to insure that there is sufficient air to the unit. It doesn't heat up nearly as bad as it does without it.

When the VAIO that we have started having problems, it simply refused to start up until IT wanted to. Never had the partial functionality problem, simply had NO functionality. After several hours, it would start up fine. I think that you may have some instability that was likely introduced when the unit first blue screened.

The best thing to do is to back up your files, decrypt anything encrypted or make sure you conserve your keys, and run the recovery disk. If a BSOD error caused instability, fixing it may only be a temporary fix. The instability will likely continue. Just re-image.

Good luck!

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