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Music Downloads - Good News ?

By box1 ·
As residents of the Gulf Coast were reminded last week, there's no turning away nature. You can't pass a law that snuffs a hurricane at the border. You can't sue it. You've got to understand it, and make the right plans to deal with it. Technology generates its own form of nature, a set of conditions that enforce an artificial, yet equally unstoppable, reality. With the Internet, fast computers, cheap storage and high bandwidth, it's now just a fact that digital files?be they documents, images or Hoobastank tunes?can be sped through the ether with ease, a phenomenon no easier to halt than a storm surge.

That's why it's so fascinating to watch the music industry's efforts to claim some high ground in its fight against piracy. For the longest time, the labels viewed digital music as something that could hurt them with hurricane force but made no efforts to adjust to this new reality, let alone exploit it. Finally, they were persuaded to license their works to online music sellers. Apple's iTunes Store, which sells songs for 99 cents a shot, became a template for a mini-industry that clearly represents the future of music. Microsoft opened its own long-awaited online outlet earlier this month. And just last week Yahoo dropped $160 million to buy Musicmatch and its store...

more: by steven levy

A great article, I had to post some of it; but IS this really a good thing for 'free music'

On first thought, you'd think ... yes.

But is this simply not just another way of control?

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"Free" music

by JamesRL In reply to Music Downloads - Good Ne ...

I'm not a big fan of theft.

Lets face it, we prosecute people who steal software. Usually those who do it on a large scale to be sure. We prosecute people who steal books. We prosecute people who steal movies.

Music is just as much an intellectual property as books and software. While I am not a professional musician, I have worked with many of them, and I am actually on a recording for a commercial CD. I know many musicians who live far more modestly than the big stars...but how can they ever get big if they don't get the income they deserve because people rip off their music.

I hear lots of arguments about the music industry and huge profits, restrictive marketing etc. When I hear them in the context of downloads from the internet, they sound like petty rationalizations for petty theft. Yes big acts make big money, but just like the movie industry, for every blockbuster there are dozens of acts which don't make money.

I welcome iTunes and its ilk. I might even think about using it to download some tracks and get myself an MP3 player.

But to deny that music downloads without payment are in the vast majority of cases theft, is pretty short sighted. Perhaps if you think thats ok, you'd be ok with me strolling into your house and stealing some of your CDs.


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Free food, free magazines, free gasoline...

by wordworker In reply to Music Downloads - Good Ne ...

Okay first let me say I ACCEPT what OzMedia and others have said about new bands that LIKE having their music being swapped and sent all over the world for free, because they need the exposure. That's all fine and good.

But what galls me are people who assume they're owed "free music" without any "controls" by the people who make and distribute music for their living.

When you take and distribute music produced by people who DON'T want to give it away, you're nothing more than a bunch of sorry, copyright-breaking, product-stealing THIEVES.

Let's apply your logic to other industries - software as mentioned in the first post for one. How about food? Are those "controls" in the grocery store (locked doors, cash registers) just too hard to overcome? Is that why you don't just waltz in and steal the food you need to eat?

How about magazines and newspapers? Heck no need to put out good money - just slide the mag' into your coat or grab and extra paper or two when you open the machine on the street.

You tell me what the difference is between stealing a newspaper and stealing music, and I'll tip my hat to you. Otherwise, I hope you get caught, do time, and burn in Thieves' **** for your sins.

Yeah I did occasionally copy an old LP to a cassette tape in the 70s -- when I was a stupid punk. Now I know better and I don't pirate music or software or movies. I have friends who are musicians and actors and software engineers who don't want their copyrighted materials being distributed without appropriate compensation.

Too many controls on music distribution? Give me a break. Get a freaking job and pay the 99 cents. Is it going to kill you to be honest for a change? If you're so sure of your position Box1, why not use a "live" link so people can see who you are and where you live? Or are you afraid of the consequences if you get caught stealing music.

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by ITgirli In reply to Music Downloads - Good Ne ...

Not enough. You don't work, do you? If you did, I don't think you would like to spend your 40 hours a week pouring your soul into something only to cash your paycheck and have it stolen the second you leave the bank. Would you go steal a painting? it's art. so is music. you want music on display? shared with everyone? turn on your radio. and shut up.

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