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Music keyboard recommendation for 9-yr old

By onbliss ·
I have zero acumen as far as music goes, but my 9-yr seems to have innate abilities in music. I want to buy him a good beginners keyboard.

Also, I don't want to buy him something that he will outgrow very soon. So what specs should I be looking for?

Casio, Yamaha, Korg ? So many brands. Which is good for kids?

thanks much in advance.

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Casio line

by mjd420nova In reply to Music keyboard recommenda ...

Casio makes a long line of keyboards that are suitable for younger children. Some even have lights on the keys and canned selections that will teach finger positioning and even how to read music.

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Can he already play?

by NickNielsen In reply to Music keyboard recommenda ...

Does he know the keys? Can he read music? The answer to these questions will determine what type of keyboard you buy.

If he can already read music and knows the keyboard, you can purchase a good quality 50-88 key keyboard without the training features. If he can't yet read music and doesn't know the piano keyboard, you may want to get him a beginner instrument for now, with the understanding that if he keeps at it, he will get a better one down the road.

Check MusiciansBuy ( to get a better idea of electronic keyboard pricing. (Note: the less expensive items are further down the list.) I would recommend, though, that you purchase through a local music store. They may have a rent-to-own program or a used model at a steep discount. A good quality store can also provide lessons or guide you to quality teachers.

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No & yes

by onbliss In reply to Can he already play?

No he does not know the keys. He knows to read music, he learnt it at school.

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Try to get one that's 'Velocity Sensitive' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Music keyboard recommenda ...

That way it won't come as a shock if he sits down some day at a REAL piano.

Velocity Sensitive means that the harder you hit the keys - the LOUDER the resultant sound.

It used to be (back in the 80s) you had to pay an arm and a leg for a velocity sensitive keyboard, but these days most of the ranges of electronic keyboards feature this.

It's just that some of them don't.

It would be a shame to miss out on the most realistic function.


Also, there's no point in buying one with 'mini' keys - best to get a smaller octave range but full-size keys if price is a factor.

Small sized keys lead to bad rudimentary finger positioning because the depth of the key is also smaller, causing your fingers to bash against the back of the frame.

Full depth, full size, and as many keys as you can afford.

You can save up for the 'Korg M1' for his 21st!!

The M1 has been used by 808 State, Banco De Gaia, Ken Ishii, Depeche Mode, Fluke, The Cure, The Orb, The KLF, Plastikman, Bomb The Bass, Gary Numan, Robert Miles, Mike Oldfield, Kitaro, Rick Wakeman, Rod Argent, Joe Zawinul, Patrick Moraz, Pet Shop Boys, the Cranberries, Sin and Jellyfish, & Old Mycroft.

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Thanks for the tips

by onbliss In reply to Try to get one that's 'Ve ...

... on music. I will keep the keys size in mind when I shop.

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I knew it, Old M!!

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Try to get one that's 'Ve ...

I knew you were either Gary Numan or Dolores from the Cranberries. I could see it there all the time.

Just not sure which one though ...


Personally I used to have an Ensoniq ESQ-1. Then I remembered I couldn't actually really play keyboards all that well, so I traded it in for a 12-string acoustic and have never looked back since. I did love that "air" keyboard sound, though. Play some major-7 chords to a cute chick with a bottle of wine and you're in every time. It really is a simple game for simple people.

It's why I am also encouraging my child to learn music. For the chicks. But at present he is limited to smashing a frying pan into a saucepan whilst sitting on the kitchen floor. I am hoping for a touch of subtlety by his third birthday, but you can't rush these things.

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Just add water

by onbliss In reply to I knew it, Old M!! the saucepan and show him the difference in sound with and without the water :-)

And don't blame me if your wife complains about you having messed up the kitchen floor. :-)

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Greatest tip

by onbliss In reply to Try to get one that's 'Ve ...

The keyboard I bought is Velocity sensitive, and this has helped my son to take actual piano lessons. The teacher did not appreciate the fact that we have an electric keyboard though :-)

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Yamaha YPG 625

by onbliss In reply to Music keyboard recommenda ...

I ended up getting Yamaha YPG 625. So far it has been good.

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Can we assume

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Yamaha YPG 625

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