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Music on the Intranet

By jbgokhale ·
One of the most challenging issues that hits an Security Manager is the plethora of MP3 music and video that exists within the intranet... on desktops of individuals and the inability to check the validity of the licenses.

Developers in particular love to have thier collection of music which tbey want to hear whenever they want to concentrate.

Most of this music is likely to be ripped of different sources / downloaded from the net / through P2P connections.

Approach to music companies for site licenses mostly draws a blank. There is then the interpretation that an organisation can be defined as a family.... and you can share music within the family.... so buy one authorised media and share it all around.....

Does anyone have any experience on this... how does one tackel this problem.. After all to develop quality software the developers need to be at peace...

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MP3 players

by Oz_Media In reply to Music on the Intranet

Require that all music is played on an MP3 player. This way they are responsible as individuals for the content, then write a policy no music can be stored or played back in a computer unless from an original CD, no CDR's.

You can't claim responsibility for what music IS and isn't licenced properly, unless from an original CD.

If people complain that they have the CD's at home and want to play the CRD's or MP3's in the office, your company is not obligated in ANY way to allow them to play any music on your equipment anyway, just say that there is no Music played on workstations, unless from an original CD source and if they wish to ave MP3's, they need to have a a personal MP3 player.

I have seen LARGE office groups with MP3 players on due to similar restrictions (plus that way everyone listens to what they want), at low volume, you can hear others, speak in a normal tone and still hear your music while being able to focus and concentrate.

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perhaps a small amount of server space.

by husp1 In reply to Music on the Intranet

dedicate a small amount of server space and allow comercial or public licence music only and make sure that you screen it prior to posting for viri and such. then tell everyone that any music other then the stuff you posted will be deleated. lots of varity helps check out this site.

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Is this legal?

by jbgokhale In reply to perhaps a small amount of ...

I mean we purchase a CD, put it on the server and allow every one in the organization to listen to it by sharing the files? Does this amount to copyright violation?

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If I'm not mistaking.........

by husp1 In reply to Is this legal?

you are violating copy rights that way but that is why I recomended the comerical licence music on and I'm sure that there are other sites out there that offer this type of music.

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You would lose your mind...

by house In reply to Music on the Intranet

...if you worked with us. The computers are full of garbage. ****, there's even a LAN Tetranet tournament going on when it's a quiet day.

The luxuries of working in a small office.


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