By nerangenpathum ·
iTunes has the option of sorting your folders and music files according to the artist/album and it automatically renames/moves them appropriately.

I'd like to know if there is any other player that has this functionality???

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WinAmp ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to MUSIC PLAYER WITH SIMILAR ...

Assuming you are running some flavour of Microsoft Windows.

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That was going to be my suggestion too :)

by The Scummy One In reply to WinAmp ...

but you beat me to it

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Dunno what it is about WinAMP but ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to That was going to be my s ...

I just can't do without it.

I've been using 'it' in various guises since the days of the Amiga (can't remember what it was called back then, but it was definitely the same 'thing').

Windows Media Player just feels like a kids' toy by comparison (all sort of clunky and BIG).

CaptBilly1Eye showed the way to a thing called "JukeBoxer" and it WAS impressive, but ultimately I returned to where I felt secure. For me, I've never seen anything to compete with WinAMP.

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One of the things I installed on Win 7

by The Scummy One In reply to Dunno what it is about Wi ...

for day 2 trials. Installed easily, hooked up my ipod and -- been playin it all day so far.

-- I think you suggested it to ma a while back on an iTunes rant -- Thanks

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Win XP pro

by nerangenpathum In reply to WinAmp ...

I'm just running XP i use linux as well. Personally i don't like Mac stuff and that's why I'm searching for something else. Also there is the higher resource requirements of iTunes

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What is the option in winamp?

by nerangenpathum In reply to WinAmp ...

I've been using Winamp friend....i cant find any option like u does sort everything virtually in the Media Library and all but does it actually sort and organize the folders and files accordingly on ur hard drive as well?

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I defy you to illustrate any benefit of HDD organisation ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What is the option in win ...

What on earth would be the point of WinAMP organising your HDD into Artist/Album/Track for you. What possible benefit could be derived from that?

It won't help the computer because the computer handles data in bulk, not necessarily in order. It won't help WinAMP because it is, at heart a database - again designed to make sense out of bulk data.

It might help you yourself, but only if you spend your life sitting looking at a clean orderly construction of directory trees.

If the directory tree were all spartan and organised into Artist/Album/Tracks then it would certainly be easier for a HUMAN BEING to find a particular track just by disseminating the situation and following the logical directory path through an alphabetical listing to get to the target track, but you'd then have to load it into a Player in order to actually hear it.

While you were hunting through this clinically arranged directory, WinAMP would have already found the track in the midst of all the badly organised bulk tracks AND started to play it.

However, I imagine you are viewing WinAMP as just that - a utility that can make sense out of a jumble of tracks all cobbled together in one folder, somewhere on your HDD.

What you have perhaps NOT tried is using WinAMP to RIP CDs. If you were to do that, you'd find that for every CD that WinAMP rips, it places it in the directory path of your choice (that you have specified in Preferences) and it will create a Folder entry labelled with the Artist/Album, then the tracks for that CD within that Folder.

It will also log into GraceNote before RIPPING, in order to accurately list all the tracks with their proper listed track names.

If you are going to download MP3s from the Internet - it's down to you to create the pristine directory structure yourself.

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