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Musicians Against DRM..

By Jaqui ·
Go figure, it's the recording companies not the artists that are all hot for DRM.

really makes it clear that the DRM stuff has nothing to do with the artists, and should be shot down in flames.

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This should be fairly obvious to people by now

by mjwx In reply to Musicians Against DRM..

It's not like the recording industry is trying to convince people that DRM is good for the artists and for consumers.




People (sheep) wont care until they can no longer play pirated movies and music, It will s#it them to no end when they cannot play their legitimate movies and music because they are using different proprietary DRM. Nothing will or really can be done about it until the average person is affected.

Ladies and Gentlemen the Corporate States of America. Where breathing is a perk given to you by the company.

Taking my tin foil hat off for a moment, how will this effect the cartel (recording industry). They still have their "stars" which generate billions for the company by producing crap (not that I call Avril Lavigne quality artistry). As long as there is a music chart there will be an organisation that sets it. I'd like to see if people would download crap like "50 cent" if he didn?t have a PR campaign.

Now putting my tin foil hat back on, it's winter here in Australia and my head is getting cold. :) [Need a tin foil hat emoticon]

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tin foil hats

by Jaqui In reply to This should be fairly obv ...

I've posted the link before, and I'm not going searching for it again.

but MIT did a study that shows tinfoil hats actually increase the strength of the US Government radio frequencies. unless you want to become a puppet of the us government and corporate ballsup I recommend taking them off permanently.

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From what I have witnessed

by oneamazingwriter In reply to This should be fairly obv ...

in the city in which I live, most are busy trying to tune out what's going on around them as they walk down the street with their earphones in. I live in the land of Deny It and It Will Go Away.

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Homer Simpson

by mjwx In reply to From what I have witnesse ...

"If he cant see me he cant fire me"

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hey hey HEY!

by jdclyde In reply to This should be fairly obv ...

you leave Avril alone!

Any little cutie that flashes the camera and then flips it off can't be all bad! ]:)

Of course, I have had people tell me that she also makes music. Strange, I have never heard it before.

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At least one thing

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Musicians Against DRM..

makes sense in this whole mess. I couldn't see how artists would be foolish enough to go along with this.

edit: there is only one O in one!

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What bugs me just as much

by jdclyde In reply to Musicians Against DRM..

is the pretentiousness of Musicians calling themselves "artists". Going to paint me something or play some music? (where is a good "Beotch slap" emoicon when you need it?)

When little napoleon (Lars) made himself the poster child for suing your fan base that made you what you are, I went from an average of five CD's a month to an average of five a year.

I did stop using Napster.

I did stop buying CD's, because most CD's I bought were the ones I downloaded and LIKED. The music I downloaded that I DIDN'T like got bit binned. I was never out to get "something for nothing", just a test drive. There is so much CRAP put out now, that it is now very risky to buy a new CD.

Any and Everybody that pays 99 cents to download one friggen song is STUPID. With no exceptions.

It is bad enough that the jerkoffs are STILL charging more for a CD than a tape, even though the costs of that CD are almost nothing.

Anyone else remember back in the 80's "When the technology becomes main stream, the price will come down." Hasn't friggen happened, has it?

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Exactly JD,

by mjwx In reply to What bugs me just as much

I do the same with video games.

I have a legit copy of far cry, still in it's plastic too.

I bought the legit version of Civ 4, It was easier to take this one out of the box then to keep using my *ahem*, backup copy. However certain games I have downloaded aren?t worth buying (Medal of Honour Pacific Assault, C&C renegade and the list goes on).

As for the price, Copy protection has added to the price. 2 years ago I could buy a new release game for A$90 now it's A$99 (OK it's A$9 but I'm half Scottish) and the price doesn't drop to about A$50 or A$60 for about a year, longer if it's a popular game.

Downloaded songs should be about 30 c AU (that?s about 22 c US). I'm sure if you took out DRM the media corporations could save a bit of money. They sure as **** aren?t stopping the pirates.

Arrrr, Avast and Ahoy matey?s.

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