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By Shanghai Sam ·
I've just started at a company where I am supposed to, at the request of the company president, document our current network infrastructure, evaluate it then connect it to the corporate WAN. I have no problem doing that except that the IT department (two people) won't give me the access passwords to the Lan\Wan hardware, none of it, even after a direct request from the president to do so. I'm really at a loss as to what to do. I was originally hired to work with a non-IT department to get their computer-related problems taken care of with the understanding that after I complete my work with that department that I would take over the lead position in the IT department (the previous lead IT person had left about a month previous to my being hired). The reason I was originally hired into this department was the perceived lack of support from the IT department. The only response the IT department has given the president of the division is that they respectfully disagree when he tellsthem that I need unrestricted access to the network. If they get fired or quit then the passwords go with them (the entire network, servers, routers, switches) and I am stuck. I've never heard of a situation such as this and was wondering if anyone else had and what they did to try to rectify it? I don't mind starting the department with my own people from scratch if that is what is necessary but I need those passwords first.

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Hmmm... Tricky...

by Kima In reply to Mutiny

I think the only option will be to crack the SAM if you have NT or SYSKEY to get their passwords...... Why don't you try that. They seem to restrictive because you got a higher position in less time, and they probably had more years with the companythan you so they are somehow jealous and acting very un-professional, but I gues you find those everywhere....

Well if you need the tools to do it there are some commercial tools such as L0pthCrack v3.0, PwDump v3.0 and of course there is alwaysthe FREE software but this will only allow you to change their current passwords.. which will only **** them off more when they find out...

L0pthCrack is around $249.00 and has lots of good options besides getting you all the passwords for Windows NT & Windows 2000.Also CIPHER & SYSKEY could work see Microsoft Site for more info. If you need any of this tools feel free to contact me....




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This means war

by pwilhelm In reply to Mutiny

You can't mess around with this very long. These staff members have sealed there doom already. You need a plan A,B,C.

There are some legal avenues that the president needs to take immediately or the company will be hurting. It's not your fault or your responsibility yet to get control of these people. They are acting in a most unprofessional manner and should not be trusted.

If they give you the password list then each password must be verified as the are walking out the door. A list of bogus passwords is no good.

Another issue - Vendors. Get a hold of all the vendors and find out who provides what. There could be sabotage from many areas.

Snag a full set of good backup tapes and take them offsite somewhere.

Since this is war, the element of surprise is important. Line up your ducks.

If it were me, I would be thinking of everything I will need to train the new crew when they are hired.

Best of luck

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get company president on board

by darpaicq In reply to Mutiny

The ball is in the company's presidents court. Working for one dept, then later becoming the current IT workers boss is not good. You haven't said, but my guess is that the company president hasn't told the IT workers that you are to eventually betheir boss or something like that. Urge the president to immediately make you the boss of IT so you can get to work.

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