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Mutiple redundant wireless links

By dxb.lily ·
My Manager has given me a case study where i have to find an answer for it with some evidance.

the case is that i have two cisco switches in two different networks, one of them has a private ip and the other one has a public ip. we have two wirless access points, each of them is connected to one of the switches. the question is, can i activite one wireless link to serve certain people, and when the link is failed the other wireless link should take over it and serve that certain people? and if yes, how can i configure it?

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by CG IT In reply to Mutiple redundant wireles ...

well with wireless the software program on the local machine typically has a list of wireless networks you can configure. The network at the top of the list is the first one the local machine will try to access. If it can't it will go to the next. So yes, you can have 2 wireless points on your network on 2 different subnets and if the primary one the local machine first connects to loses connectivity then it [the local machine] will try to connect to the next wireless network list.

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by CG IT In reply to

I meant to say the "Wireless NIC" software program on the local Machine

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more clarification

by dxb.lily In reply to

i meant configuring a redandunt link in the switch can i do that? is it by using some routing protocols to force one link to be up and the other one down?

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Still don't get why you want to do this.

by CG IT In reply to more clarification

Why complicate the whole thing? I don't get why you want to do something like this on a wireless network? If you have problems with the WAN link dropping and need a redundant WAN link, on the wireless clients just have the redundant WAN link specified as the next network to try and connect to.

Heck if you have your heart set on this, I'd say just power down the wireless router you don't want to work. It's a heck of alot less time and less effort than mucking with ports on a manged swtich. Power it on when you want it to work.

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Failover routers

by jmcaloney In reply to Mutiple redundant wireles ...

Zyxel, and I imagine a lot of others, make routers that failover to a second interface when one interface dies. You could probably find a router/wap to do the job-replace your current ap's.

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