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Mutiple Wireless Networks in Area

By TMan12 ·
have set up a wireless network to append to an existing LAN in a building using a Lynksys Router and one PCI wireless board. I have the Network ID set, WEP configured, and also using a different channel then the default. I have set the PC (Running Windows XP)to only connect to the Network ID which I have set on the router. It works fine for a while, but then for some reason the IP address and Subnet mask will change. It appears to be receiving an IP from one of the other networks. I would like to keep DCHP running rather then assign static ips. I have also installed the client software for the wireless board, but still incur the same issue. Any suggestions?

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by aethernet In reply to Mutiple Wireless Networks ...

Quote: "I have set the PC (Running Windows XP)to only connect to the Network ID which I have set on the router."

I am assuming this means you have removed it from "preferred networks" in wireless network connection properties and ensured that "automatically connect to non-preferred networks" is unchecked. (located in advanced)

So I would either use WEP, or shared key authentication. Who owns the other wireless network? Could they turn off their broadcasts?

Hope this helps :)

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by TMan12 In reply to Mutiple Wireless Networks ...

I have removed it from preferred networks and left the box unchecked under advanced. I am using a WEP key. What seems to happen is the IP address of the pc changes. The pc itself is not able to access anything on the network it received the new IP from. I only have a single Network ID identify for this pc to connect to. I am puzzeled as to why the PC is accepting a different IP from another source.

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by aethernet In reply to

You're connecting to the other network because your computer is receiveng a stronger signal from the other access point, or you could be getting hotspottered

I've heard SP1 fixes the vulnerability, but then again, I've heard it doesn't. So if you don't have SP1 you should try that.

And what can you find out about the AP? Can you tracert past it? If you have netstumbler ( ) see if it will tell you the brand of the AP ect... ect...

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