MX Records

By tzutzasialbu ·
I setup my MX records a while ago (3 weeks) and people are complaining that they get some emails bounced. I checked with the domain registrar and the MX record are looking fine. If I do an nslookup, the MX records are pointing to wrong address. Any ideas how to fix this issue?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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MX Records

by gary In reply to MX Records

They get SOME emails bounced?

Ok, that makes it sounds like some are coming through. If that's the case then the fix is one of two things.

1. Some MX records are correct and some are wrong.

2. Someone, somewhere as a VERY long retention time on DNS cache.

First of all, Talk to the domain registrar and verfiy that the MX records they have for your domain match what you have.
Use NSLOOKUP on YOUR domain to check that it's all correct.

If people report some emails are failing then find out what DNS server they are connecting to and use NSLOOKUP for those DNS' servers.

Hope that helps.

Gary Williams

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to MX Records

Go to and do a DNS report and you will find out if your registrar is doing the right thing.

A lot depends which DNS servers you are using in the PC which you used to do nslookup. Are those DNS servers the main DNS servers the ISP recommends, or are they possibly out of date?

If you have access to a Linux system, you can use the dig @{ipaddress of a DNS server} command to query the information about a domain name held in that particular server. That way you may be able to find where the inconsistency is.

P.S. As gary suggests, you can also do the above using nslookup - use the format nslookup domain dnsserver where domain is your mail server and dnsserver is the name of the DNS server you want the information from.

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