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My 11th year here at TechRepublic

By Sonja Thompson Staff ·
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Eleven years ago, in October, I started working for TechRepublic. It's amazing how quickly time has flown... and how many site redesigns, challenges, and job titles have come and gone.

I was sitting here, thinking about what an amazing journey this has been - and how the TR staff and community are like one big extended family to me.

Thank you all for helping make this an interesting (and sometimes quirky) place to work. :)

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Yay Sonji!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to My 11th year here at Tech ...

Didn't think this gig would last, did you?

In your honor, everyone is required to stick a 'J' in their names in this thread.


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by Slayer_ In reply to Yay Sonji!

Do you guys have an office or do you all work from home, I'm curious how TR works.


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How TR works....

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to Congrats!

SinisterJlay - you should come to Louisville next year and see for yourself! The past two years (during the TR event), we've walked folks through the "mothership" so they could have a visual of what goes on behind the scenes.

Almost all of the editors have cubicles - except for Jason, Bill, and Toni (since they are in management roles). Jody is the only editor that telecommutes on a full-time basis, but she comes in every once in a while when we have a team lunch.

However, quite a few folks work from home when needed. It's definitely nice being able to have such a flexible schedule, but I think I end up working MORE in the end (hmmmm.... I think they're on to something here)!

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You wouldn't believe it!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Congrats!

They've got free espresso and soft drinks in every office. The cubicles are lined with satin or Corinthian leather. The chairs come in two models: Kirk or Picard. There's a catered pizza buffet on even numbered days, with Chinese on odd days. Everyone has an Alienware desktop AND an iPad, with dual 36" monitors. Sonja herself sits in a full-scale reproduction of the Oval Office.

Really; I've seen it for myself.

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Pictures or it didn't happen

by Slayer_ In reply to You wouldn't believe it!

I want to see pictures or it didn't happen

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I've tried, believe me

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Pictures or it didn't hap ...

But Jason keeps taking my camera and exposing it X-rays, a strong magnetic field, and the Ohio River.

Did I mention the private river-front lodge with company Jet-skis, full-time kitchen staff, and a fishing guide on retainer? Or the luxury box at Churchill Downs?

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But do they have

by seanferd In reply to I've tried, believe me

season tickets to the Creation Museum? That would be the killer perk.

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Season tickets?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to But do they have

Heck, they're a corporate-level sponsor. An entire wing is named after TR.

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Congrats! :)

by Jellimonsta In reply to My 11th year here at Tech ...

Heres to many more!!

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An institution or institutionalized?

by JamesRL In reply to My 11th year here at Tech ...

For me, I can't imagine TR without your active presense here. I can imagine though that at times we have driven you almost crazy. In turn I'm sure you've done the same to TR management.

Thanks for being there, and keeping this crazy family glued together.

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