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My 2 Cents... for what it's worth...

By jnoble ·
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The current state of affairs in IT/IS/INFOSEC

by jnoble In reply to My 2 Cents... for what it ...

<p>Ok, I've seen enough... or so I think... </p>
<p>I'm reading a very good post by Jason Hiner on his blog, regarding "Some companies still think <a href="**7&id=3053951&tag=nl.e124">IS means "Indentured servants"</a> , which I have struggled with my entire career.</p>
<p>I have a few points of caution;</p>
<li>Before everyone flies off the handle, take a look around, and see those people at your office that are there when you are, that aren't in IT, they are being treated the same way you are, and for much LESS money.</li>
<li>Think about your sales force, they are your biggest "problem" area, yet, they are flying around the region/country/world, and if you think that is "fun", then YOU try it...</li></ol>
<p>It is true that some companies put their IT Staff in poor positions.  However, think about it... you are being paid WAY more than the national average income, don't you think that YOU should DO WAY MORE than the national average? </p>
<p>I personally will NEVER join an IT Union, as I see them as counter productive... if you want more money, learn how to sell your skills better.</p>
<p>And lastly, as an IT professional, I have a blackberry, but I turn it off at night... if the company wants me.. they have my home phone #.  It certainly takes it to be a problem for them to wake up my family in the middle of the night, and speak to my wife... it's worked great... I haven't been disturbed in over 4 years.</p>
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