My 2.5" hard drive ( of laptop) wont boot

By mr_sami1010 ·
I have been having a problem with my hard drive .
It wont boot at all i tried everything i tried to fix it throught window xp cd i tried to repair it everything possible it still wont boot then i bought this USD ADAPTER to back up my files and i took my hard drive out of my laptop and conncted it with that adapter through USB it still did not work but when i touch the hard drive i feel thrill means its not really damaged.

If anyone has any idea please share.


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HHD fail,

by XnavyDK In reply to My 2.5" hard drive ( of l ...

that's what they do, besides hold data.

do you see it in the post? if you plugged it into a usb external enclosure and its not detected, its probably now a paper weight. Hope you have a back-up.
Have you tried another HDD in the system port?
Have you connected the hdd in CS mode and connected it to a desktop to see if the desktop sees it as a secondary drive?

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is the drive spinning up?

by robo_dev In reply to My 2.5" hard drive ( of l ...

When you apply power, you should hear a series of light clicks, as the drive resets, and the soft whirring sound of the drive spinning.

Several things can happen to drives that prevent them from spinning up properly.

If all hope is lost, and you do not plan the spend a lot of money for a recovery service, here are several things to try:

1) if the drive is not spinning up, the main bearing may be stuck, so try to gently 'flat spin' the drive (shake it while twisting). Sometimes the inertia will get the platter unstuck.

2) Freeze the drive. Freezing can temporarily fix certain types of bearing problems as well as certain types of electronic faults. Freezing a hard drive works about 1/2 the time.

I had one 40gig drive that would spin up, but was not being recognized by bios. After putting it in a bag and freezing for eight hours, it worked for approx ten minutes (then started making some very bad noises). Repeating the process over and over allowed me to recover several hundred MB of photos from a friend's drive.

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