My acer aspire 6500 gets stuck on the windows welcome page!

By rachaelmo82 ·
For some unknown reason I went to switch on my laptop and it wouldn't go past the xp welcome screen and the mouse was stuck.

I've brought it into work for one fo the tech guys to look at it and we've booted it up in safe mode, and every other mode. It will start up but then once switched off again it has the same problem.

He tells me it's because they're too many programmes starting when the PC boots up but we've cleaned them all off and I'm still having the same problem. Any ideas?

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How much memory have you in your laptop?.

Your computer will boot up a little faster if you can add more memory. You can check in the bios for the amount of memory installed.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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Well for starters you may need to include a Password

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My acer aspire 6500 gets ...

To slow up booting. Allow the Windows Login screen to stay put till the HDD activity stops or if there is a USB Scanner connected till it is initialized and then press Enter after entering your Password.

This cures a lot of Loading Issues with Windows and Programs not being started.

I would suggest creating another User Profile and see if that improves the situation on starting it may be something as simple as a Corrupt User Profile or it may be more insidious like some form of Malware being run.

I'm presuming that you've run an AV Program to check for infections but you'll need to load a few other applications to scan for Spy & Mal Ware

Download these and update as necessary

Crap Cleaner

Ad Aware

Spy Bot S&amp

Run Scans in Safe Mode and clean out anything that is picked up that you do not know about.

You can also check running processes in the Task Manager under Processes with Process Quick link Viewer

and possibly Advanced Windows Care Personal

Defraging the HDD regularly will not hurt either so you can use the Windows defrag Utility or one or both of these

Auslogic's Disc Defrag

Smart Defrag

That may be a starting point to work from. If it does nothing else it will prove you have a Clean Computer and it will improve the system somewhat.


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Faulty Battrey

by moufidalba In reply to My acer aspire 6500 gets ...

Hi there you need a new battrey it must be faulty run the laptop without the battrey and it will be ok.

try it out. good luck

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