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My administrator won't give us rights

By hotitchic ·
to install our own software where I work. This is sometimes very difficult in a working enviroment of 12 people, where the NetAdmin goes on vacation for a couple of full weeks each year. Sometimes we have really legitimate needs for this. Can anyone suggest a way he could keep it secure but let us do some needed installing?

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by CG IT In reply to My administrator won't gi ...

well there are ways around the admin and the user rights they have assigned but that entails hacking the system which probably isn't a good idea. People tend to lose their job that way.

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by CG IT In reply to

if you have a legitimate reason for having the program on you machine, take it up with the boss and have him direct the admin to make those programs available on the network [unless the admin IS the boss in which case your out of luck].

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by I_IZHAUT In reply to My administrator won't gi ...

Well, you could try subseven!

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by timwalsh In reply to My administrator won't gi ...

Answer 2 is one of those methods DR mentions that you want to stay away from if you value your job. While subseven does infact have some legitimate purposes, it is most often used by hackers as a means of accessing a computer with out the owners knowledge.

Your problem is not a technical one as much as it is one of process. You need to explain the problem to the NetAdmin (if noone has mentioned this to him, he may not be aware that a "problem" exists) and ask him to implement a solution. If he is unwilling to listen, you need to get managment involved.

The security implementation in any network needs to be a balancing act between the Network Administrator's desire to keep his systems safe no matter what, and the user's ability to perform there job efficiently.

BTW, one of te ways around this problem is to make a user's domain user account a member of the local computer's Administrators group. This essentially makes the user the administrator over his computer. This has dangers that many administrators aren't willing to deal with. With administrative privileges over his machine, an over-inquisitive user has the ability to effectively render their computer unusable, thus increasing the administrator's workload trying to fix user-induced problems.

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by TheChas In reply to My administrator won't gi ...

More and more companies are locking down ALL users ability to install software.

This is done for the most part to prevent any issues with software licenses.

Start by reviewing the companies software licensing policy with your manager.

If your department has a true legitimate need to install software, you should be able to work with upper management to get your permissions changed.

At a minimum, it is very poor planning to not have an alternate to the netadmin when he is on vacation.


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by brian In reply to My administrator won't gi ...

The key word is WON'T - I believe he has the right to expect you to honor his decision that software not be installed. You think you have legitimate needs. No software upgrade is so urgent as to risk letting amateurs play network administrator. If you in fact have a legitimate NEED. You should go up the chain of command and request a professional come in and install the software with the assistance of the vacationer. It is not very practical to put non-administrators in charge of computer systems. Typically they do more damage in 2 minutes than can be fixed in 2 days.

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