My Administrator's Account in the Active Directory has been lock out

By Joshocan ·

I am network administrator of 50 to 70 users

i have created an administrator account in the active directory of win2003 server, that i use adminstatively

for some reasons am yet to know my admin account has been lock out

please can anyone help how i can reset or unlock my account

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by The Scummy One In reply to My Administrator's Accoun ...

Nope, we cannot help you crack the account.

Is there any other administrators of these systems? If so, see if the password was changed.
If not, maybe you should have recorded the password better.

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Recruiter/ Career counselor

by shasca In reply to Info

I would suggest you call The Department of employement as you are Obviously in the wrong career

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:0 but, my career seems to be fine :0

by The Scummy One In reply to Recruiter/ Career counsel ...

however, you are right. I dont get paid enough to sustain myself by telling people that I wont help crack passwords
Hmmm, maybe if -- yes, if I can find a way to collect all of the monies of peoples that I have helped to 'off', maybe it would then be a career..

Any advice on a good career counselor??

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goofy. not you

by shasca In reply to :0 but, my career seems t ...

My sights were a little bit off I missed replying to the origain post by ....just that much.

I would never dis the Scum.

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NP -- I just thought

by The Scummy One In reply to goofy. not you

I would have to tease ya a bit. Seemed proper :^0

and yes, that reply was good

"the Grand Poobah of Scummerosity."

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Try this....

by Wizard-09 In reply to My Administrator's Accoun ...

Put your head in your hands and ask yourself what your doing in a job that need's some logic thinking, then continue to move you head to the sky and scream to god to help you out, if that fails pack your bags and leave for being so THICK :)

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I found a way to the system

by Joshocan In reply to My Administrator's Accoun ...

hi guys

thanks for your concerns
even though some are really scary

i miracleously got a way back to the system

i believe this wont happen again

once again thank you guys

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by shasca In reply to I found a way to the syst ...

What no thumbs for really good sarcasm.
Now I am sad.

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wait 20 minutes (or other preset time frame) -nt

by NexS In reply to My Administrator's Accoun ...

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