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Computer Issues

by frankenspynL4 In reply to My Adventures in Technolo ...

Over the Inter semester break I upgraded my Pavillion zv5000 from 512mb
DDR RAM (2x 256), to 2048mb DDR RAM. After the adventure of finding the
primary location (under the keyboard) I noticed an immeadiate boost in
performance. I also noticed that it doesnt overheat as much.  I
also received a 300gb (7200rpm 8mb cache) Seagate HDD and a case. After
moving close to 15gb of photos, videos, music, and long research papers
over to it the performance increased even more. Horay for upgrades....<br />
<br />
<br />
Then the trouble began. I use Internet Security System's BlackICE
Defender as a personal firewall. It was blocking an important email
service, and a few other forums I regularly access. It also blocked my
Antivirus program from running any of its scan features (I use Symantec
Norton  System Works 2005).  After quite an ordeal with
Symantec Tech Service I determined that It wasn't Symantec's software
at all. I worked with ISS's tech service department (which is very easy
to work with) and fixed the problem quickly.<br />
<br />
I would highly recommend ISS BlackICE Defender as a firewall. Reviews
put it near the top as far as most effective internet defense programs.
It does a far better job at catching potential hazards than Zone Alarm
did when I used it.<br />

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