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My boss always likes to say everything is hard drive failure.

By jkforms ·
When a customer calls and is having issues errors anything the first thing he likes to say is the hard drive may be failing no matter what the issue is thus bothers me because than the customer is in a panic when they bring the pc to me to repair being the only tech in a small business I always have to say we can retrieve the data if it is.
How can I approach my boss and ask him not to do that or have his state it differently. With out always resulting to the hard drive is failing?

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What do

by IC-IT In reply to My boss always likes to s ...

your repair tickets reflect (and then the secondary, how accurate are they)?
That will be the simple, straight forward answer (and a reflection of fact).
Now I get to ramble (rare mood). ;-)
Although hard drive failures do happen, on a solid distribution of systems, it is a rarity. having said that, there have been times when certain systems (small profile) had a 22 of 32 failure rate in a 12 month period. luckily we identified the potential, report the Symptoms and used MHDD32 to gain a reprival until the replacements arrived.
Occassionaly a drive will corrupt a critical sector and a simple chkdsk once or twice will reprive it.
Many times updates, upgrades, normal use will clog a drive or result in a bad dll or system/program conflict. A tweak here and there will fix the issue

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