My Brother Laptop

By The-Eagle ·
My brother has his laptop screen broken.Most of it is black and part of it works.

It is ACER ASPIRE 5220g.

I found screens on for the same model but I found a number just after the model number like the following:

What is the number 302G16 ?
Could this screen fit into my brother laptop or it is made for a different laptop?

My brother will leave after 3 weeks hope that you can help me as usual so I can by him a suitable screen.

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by Jaqui In reply to My Brother Laptop

is the screen model number.
you should be able to use the screen you found to replace the one in your brother's computer.
it is made for a newer model of acer laptop, but they don't change internals that often, like connecting the display.
the only problem would be if dimensions are different.

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Thank you and I have more questions...

by The-Eagle In reply to 302g16?

Thank you for your reply...
I found many screens out there with different numbers.According to what you said they represent different models.
The dimentions are the same = 15.4
I don't know how to find out what is his laptop screen model number?
I observed one of the screens at the amazon site has no model number.Does this mean its old or fit into any laptop.

Sorry for asking many questions I'm just very afraid from buying a screen which is not suitable because return it back would be difficult since I will use international shipping because I'm not in the US.

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Go to the Acer site

by seanferd In reply to Thank you and I have more ...

and look up the specifications for the exact model number of the laptop.

You may need to email them your question from the support area to find out which replacement parts are compatible: (Acer's Middle East support.)

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I even sent an email to them

by The-Eagle In reply to Go to the Acer site

Believe me..I tried every thing through their site I even sent an email to them.They told me to contact one of the companies which are dealing with ACER here.

I called 2 of these companies and they told me it will take from 3 weeks to a month.

and guess what they told me it will cost 1700 SR ?! about $453 ?!

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Your Brother, the laptop

by santeewelding In reply to I even sent an email to t ...

Divorce him.

What does it take? Three iterations where you are?

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