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My C would not not shut down(windows9

By bettogent ·
I recently physically fixed a combo-driveinternal ide,dvd-rom-cd-rw. since then my computer would not shut down when i go to start,shut down. I had to disconnect the power from the main to shut it down.
Please help if you can.
betto your mate

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by sgt_shultz In reply to My C would not not shut ...

i can't think of why your repairs would cause this. i would like to see it proved as cause by removing it and seeing if windows 98 will shut down ok then. does it shutdown ok in safe mode? if it does, use Start/Run/msconfig/Startup to trial and error remove recently installed tsr's until you find one that fixes problem. did you do anything else? install some new software? like anti-virus? have you updated your norton products repeatedly until they say no updates are available? and performed a complete system scan? ps you can probably try holding down power button for 10 secs instead of having to unplug power cord...

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by cglrcng In reply to My C would not not shut ...

Did you by any possible chance upgrade to Direct X 9.0 without first upgrading your video card driver. If so you must update that driver w/ 1 that is direct X 9.0 compatible. Has been more than known to cause shutdown & restart problems.

I hope this helps.

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by cglrcng In reply to

If you used Windows Update or have auto-update installed, then you probably did as it is an avail. update.

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by rovoco In reply to My C would not not shut ...

Windows 98 shutdown problems have plagued many
of us for some time. I have noted that MS update
can do this, as well as other automatic update
tsr programs such as McAfee update. Microsoft
has some Windows 98 upgrade files which address
this problem. Do a search on their site for
"Windows 98 Shutdown" and you'll probably find
a patch that will help. Answer #2 is also worth
checking out.

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to My C would not not shut ...

The most likely cause is a software intervention as already mentioned, anti-virus, spyware, some trojans, certain MS updates.

However, there is one low probability hardware event that can happen usually with older hardware and bios set up. It relates to the power management software within the bios.

With some systems, when running, Win 98, you have to ensure that your operating system is on the drive that is in the MASTER position in the PRIMARY IDE circuit for the shutdown command to work. If you have two drives and they are set up as CABLE SELECT or the operating system is on the SLAVE or the SECONDARY IDE circuit the power management wont recognise the shutdown as it is expecting it to come ONLY from the PRIMARY MASTER.

Another low probabilty event is that some bioses expect the shutdown command to come from the first or second device listed in the boot sequence list and will ignore such a command from devices listed later. Try changing your boot sequence and see if it works.

These are not common problems but it is a ******* when one happens.

Also so systems have a problem with the cable being used. I have seen some work with a 40 pin cable and not with a 80 pin cable, and vica versa.

Also check that all cables are fully seated.

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by AlexVol In reply to My C would not not shut ...

Create on your desktop shortcut with the name Shutdown and command line-
rundll32.exe shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx 1

Use this shortcut to shutdown your computer, follow small and capital letters in the command line. You can read Microsoft Knowledge Baser article 234216.

Good luck.

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